2015-05-16 Convert a notebook into slides

I thought it would be easy to convert a notebook into slides. I would just have to execute nbconvert. I went through two issues. The first one came from reveal.js. My first tries did not work. I decided to take the version included in the module sphinxjp.themes.revealjs and I also updated the output of nbconvert to remove external links as much as possible.

The second issue was that all my notebooks did not include any metadata indicated to indicate whether or not a new slide or subslide should start. So I create a simple function which does that on a notebook add_tag_slide. It does not overwrite existing metadata but start new slides for every section and new subslide if the current one becomes too long:

from pyquickhelper.ipythonhelper import read_nb
nb = read_nb("your notebook.ipynb")
nb.to_json("the modified notebook.ipynb")

It is too simple to be perfect, it is difficult to guess the size of the rendering of some objects (images, javascript…). You can check the results for this notebook: example pyquickhelper. That what the function nb2slides is doing first and then converts it into slides:

from pyquickhelper import nb2slides
nb2slides(("your notebook.ipynb", "convert.slides.html")