2016-08-27 Generate the documentation on Anaconda¶

On Anaconda, the documentation generation fails for two reasons. The first one is the current version of Sphinx (1.4.1) and pyquickhelper requires >= 1.4.5. After fixing it with pip, the following exception happens (only on Anaconda) on a virtual environment:

  File ".....\pyquickhelper_UT_35_conda\_venv\lib\site-packages\sphinx\ext\imgmath.py", line 244, in html_visit_displaymath
  File ".....\pyquickhelper_UT_35_conda\_venv\lib\site-packages\sphinx\config.py", line 368, in __getattr__
    raise AttributeError('No such config value: %s' % name)
AttributeError: No such config value: math_number_all

This variable math_number_all is set up but the error still happens. In that case, you can just fix the original file site-packages\sphinx\ext\imgmath.py:

v = self.builder.config.math_number_all if hasattr(self.builder.config, 'math_number_all') else False
latex = wrap_displaymath(node['latex'], None, v)