2017-04-27 List of tools needed to build the documentation

I have been setting up a couple of times a machine to build this documentation and others for my teachings. I do that on Windows. Here is the list of tools I need:

  • Miktex: there is one question during the installation about silent installation of new packages, change the default value to yes.

  • GraphViz

  • InkScape

About Python:

And the necessary modules:

pip install pymyinstall
pymy_install --set=pyquickhelper
pip install pyquickhelper

A couple of others might be needed. I usually use a couple of editors:

And some useful tools:

I usually install Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 just in case a module requires C++. Sometimes, I create a new module just for a new documentation with notebooks. I start from this template python3_module_template. I change the name, update the dependencies in setup.py, update the automated build if the project is open source (travis, appveyor…). I then modify the file .local.jenkins.win.yml which I use to define an automated build on Jenkins. The module is automated but still quite strict about its design. Notebooks have to be placed into _doc/notebooks, examples into _doc/examples and documentation into _doc/sphinxdoc/source. The documentation can be compiled by just running:

python setup.py build_sphinx

The unit tests by running:

python setup.py unittests