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2016-12 - 1/1

Gallery of notebook


The module sphinx-gallery became quite popular. I discovered that sphinx-nbexamples was doing the same. I integrated the first one into pyquickhelper but I did something different for the second as I already had some custom logic to handle notebooks. get_thumbnail <pyquickhelper.helpgen.ipythonhelper.notebook_runner.NotebookRunner.get_thumbnail() which creates a thumbnail by getting the last image if there is one or the last result output cell. The module uses matploblib to builds an image with text results. You can check the results at Notebook Gallery.


Open the notebook from a virtual environment


On Windows, I did not check on Linux, the short cut jupyter-notebook.exe is not present in the virtual environment. Here is a simple python program to launch the notebook server from the virtual environement.


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