Static Methods


staticmethod class parent truncated documentation
_format_str ExtTestCase Returns s or 's' depending on the type.
_get_strrep StaticInteract Need to match javascript string rep
_make_depart_admonition MdTranslator  
_make_depart_admonition RstTranslator  
_print_cache DocumentationHandler Displays the most requested files.
_private_get_name MagicCommandParser guesses the name of a parameter knowning the argument given to add_argument()
add_mapping DocumentationHandler adds a mapping associated to a local path to watch
build_expression FileTreeNode Builds a regular expression validating a list of extension.
build_tag BlogPost Builds the tag for a post.
bytes2mapping MockTransferAPI deserializes a mapping
bytes2mapping TransferAPI deserializes a mapping
category2url BlogPostList Removes accents and spaces to get a clean url.
checksum_md5 MockTransferAPI computes MD5 for a file
checksum_md5 TransferAPI computes MD5 for a file
compress_parser MagicCompress defines the way to parse the magic command %compress
create MockSphinxApp Creates a MockSphinxApp for Sphinx.
decrypt_file_parser MagicCrypt defines the way to parse the magic command %decrypt_file
divide_list BlogPostList Divides a list into buckets of division items.
encrypt_file_parser MagicCrypt defines the way to parse the magic command %encrypt_file
endecrypt_file_parser MagicCrypt defines the way to parse the magic command %encrypt_file and %decrypt_file
execute DocumentationHandler Locally executes a python script.
getForFd _AsyncLineReader  
get_cell_code NotebookRunner Returns the code of a cell.
get_cmd_custom JenkinsExt Custom script for Jenkins.
get_from_cache DocumentationHandler Retrieves a file from the cache if it was cached, it the file was added later than a day, it returns None.
get_ftype DocumentationHandler defines the header to send (type of files) based on path
get_label IndexInformation Returns a new label given the existing ones.
get_mappings DocumentationHandler Returns a copy of the mappings.
hash_string JenkinsExt Hashes a string.
html_code_renderer DocumentationHandler Produces a html code for code.
htmlhelp_parser MagicClassExample Defines the way to parse the magic command %htmlhelp.
mapping2bytes MockTransferAPI serializes a mapping
mapping2bytes TransferAPI serializes a mapping
process_html_path DocumentationHandler Processes a HTML content, replaces path which are relative to the root and not the project.
produce_aggregated_post_page BlogPostList Writes the content of an aggregate page of blog posts.
read_json TransferAPI_FileInfo retrieves information from a json string
reformat AutoSignatureDirective Formats the number of spaces in front every line to be equal to a specific value.
stat _Types  
textdiff_parser MagicDiff defines the way to parse the magic command %textdiff
update_cache DocumentationHandler Updates the cache.
write_aggregated_post_list BlogPostList Writes list of posts in an aggregated manners.