class class parent truncated documentation
CFT   defines a function
CodeException   Custom exception for this subfolder.
CodeNodeVisitor   Defines a visitor which walks though the syntax tree of the code.
ColumnConstantType   defines a constant as a column
ColumnGroupOperator   Defines an operation between two columns.
ColumnGroupType   defines a column which processes a group of rows (after a groupby)
ColumnOperator   defines an operation between two columns
ColumnTableType   defines a table column (not coming from an expression)
ColumnType   Defines a column of a table.
EmptyGroup   defines an empty group
GroupByContainer   to differiate between a list and a list introduced by a groupby
IterException   custom exception
IterRow   Defines an iterator which mimic SQL behavior.
NA   Defines the missing type.
NoSortClass   Container which overloads the sort operator to return 0 all the times.
NotAllowedOperation   custom exception
OperatorAdd   defines the addition
OperatorAnd   defines and
OperatorDiv   defines the division
OperatorDivN   defines the division //
OperatorEq   defines ==
OperatorFunc   defines a function call
OperatorGe   defines >=
OperatorGroupAvg   defines the group function avg, the default value when the set is empty is None
OperatorGroupLen   defines the group function len
OperatorGt   defines >
OperatorId   defines a constant
OperatorLe   defines <=
OperatorLt   defines <
OperatorMod   defines the operator mod
OperatorMul   defines the multiplication
OperatorNe   defines !=
OperatorNot   defines not
OperatorOr   defines or
OperatorPow   defines the power
OperatorSub   defines the subtraction
SchemaException   custom exception
Translate2Python   Translates a code into Python.
TranslateClass   Interface for a class which translates a code written in pseudo-SQL syntax into another language.
long   Defines the long type as int.