function class parent truncated documentation
IsEmptyString   Tells if a string is empty.
X_is_running   Checks that X is running.
_clean_name_variable   Cleans a string.
_private_restore   Restores the parameters stored by _private_store, returns a list of dictionaries (one of each line stored by _private_store). …
_private_store   Stores the parameters into a file, the function adds the parameter in a new line. It a parameter is a password (name=password, …
_setup_hook   If this function is added to the module, the help automation and unit tests call it first before anything goes on …
check   Checks the library is working. It raises an exception if it does not.
check_icon   Checks the ico was installed with the module.
create_tixtk   Calls Tk or Tcl
create_tk   Calls Tk or Tcl
extract_function_information   Extracts information about a function. The function assumes all parameters receive a default value.
file_grep   Grep.
file_head   Keeps the head of a file.
file_list   Prints the list of files and sub files in a text file.
file_split   Splits a file.
fix_python35_dll   This function tries to adress a known issue when creating a virtual environment on Windows with Python 3.5
get_function_list   Extracts all functions in a module.
get_icon   Returns a filename corresponding the tkinterquickhelper icon.
has_unknown_parameters   Returns True if the function contains a parameter like **params.
has_x_server   Detects the presences of X server.
interpret_parameter   Interprets a parameter.
is_empty_string   Tells if a string is empty.
main_loop_functions   Uses MainFrame as the main window.
open_window_function   Opens a tkinter window to run a function. It adds entries for the parameters, it displays the help associated …
open_window_params   Open a tkinter window to set up parameters. It adds entries for the parameters, it displays the help given …
private_adjust_parameters   Change the value of some parameters when they are NULL: user. Changes the parameters inplace.
private_get_function   Returns the function object from its name, the name must contains a dot “.” otherwise the function will assume it …
test_regular_expression   Tests a regular expression.