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__init__ module tkinterquickhelper Module tkinterquickhelper. Helpers for tkinter. source on GitHub
__init__ module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin shortcuts to funcwin source on GitHub
default_functions module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin.default_functions various basic functions often needed source on GitHub
frame_function module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin.frame_function FrameFunction source on GitHub
frame_params module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin.frame_params Defines FrameParams. source on GitHub
function_helper module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin.function_helper Various function needed when using the windows used to ask for parameters source on GitHub
main_window module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin.main_window building windows to use a function and specify its parameter based on a python function source on GitHub
patchs_windows module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin.patchs_windows Patches installation .. versionadded:: 1.3 source on GitHub
storing_functions module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin.storing_functions Common functions used for FrameFunction and FrameParams. source on GitHub
tk_window module tkinterquickhelper.funcwin.tk_window Handles window Tk source on GitHub