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2014-08-27 Manipulate Data Cubes in Python

I used to work on Lotus Improv to compute predictions based on retirement systems. The mortality table was modelled as a data cube. The software was quite intuitive and easy to use. It was just a cube, a way to visualize data aggregations and formulas to populate cells beyond the current date (= the prediction). When I looked for a replacement for this software, I was surprised to discover many dead initiatives included Improv itself. I guess not so many people need that kind of functionalities even though some people find it very useful. One possible replacement (and still alive) is Quantrix. But to avoid the same end of many other softwares, the tool provides many more functionalities other than just being able to visualize the data. I was curious to see if somebody started something with Python. I found cubes and cubesviewer. I did not try yet but I'll keep that in mind.

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Xavier Dupré