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2016-03-30 Create a video in Python from images

I was looking into making a short video based on images produced with matplotlib or pygame. Here is the results with a simple simulation used once in while in my teachings. Unfortunately, I was not able to directly produce a video I could see through the brower. I needed to convert it with MovieMaker.

And the code...

def make_video(images, outimg=None, fps=5, size=None,
               is_color=True, format="XVID"):
    Create a video from a list of images.

    @param      outvid      output video
    @param      images      list of images to use in the video
    @param      fps         frame per second
    @param      size        size of each frame
    @param      is_color    color
    @param      format      see http://www.fourcc.org/codecs.php
    @return                 see http://opencv-python-tutroals.readthedocs.org/en/latest/py_tutorials/py_gui/py_video_display/py_video_display.html

    The function relies on http://opencv-python-tutroals.readthedocs.org/en/latest/.
    By default, the video will have the size of the first image.
    It will resize every image to this size before adding them to the video.
    from cv2 import VideoWriter, VideoWriter_fourcc, imread, resize
    fourcc = VideoWriter_fourcc(*format)
    vid = None
    for image in images:
        if not os.path.exists(image):
            raise FileNotFoundError(image)
        img = imread(image)
        if vid is None:
            if size is None:
                size = img.shape[1], img.shape[0]
            vid = VideoWriter(outvid, fourcc, float(fps), size, is_color)
        if size[0] != img.shape[1] and size[1] != img.shape[0]:
            img = resize(img, size)
    return vid

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Xavier Dupré