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This page gives access to the content of practical sessions I give at the ENSAE. They are based on Python. The project is hosted on GitHub can be modified by sending me pull requests:

That will be probably one of the few pages in English.


Started in 2014/04.


For each Python, you need to install pymyinstall and type pymy_install and then remove the modules being tested (such as this one).

Jenkins requires a few extensions:

For Jupyter :

pip install widgetsnbextension
jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix widgetsnbextension

A local PyPi server needs to be installed:

pypi-server.exe -u -p 8067 --disable-fallback ..\..\local_pypi\local_pypi_server

If some Python scripts use keyring to retrieve passwords, the Jenkins service needs to authentify. On Windows, it goes through services.msc. To test Python versions Python 2.7, il faut créer un environnement virtuel et installer pyquickhelper :

cd D:\jenkins\venv\py36
virtualenv.exe pyq --system-site-packages
cd pyq\Scripts
pip install pyquickhelper

For some projects (such as the compilation of pywin32), Windows SDK needs to be installed.

For Python 2.7, the module backports.shutil_get_terminal_size needs to be removed. It does not work from a virtual environment unless it is installed from there.