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Binder and javascript


I’m not an expect in javascript and I usually do not look why my script does not work for a very long time if the first try is not successfull. I found RenderJsDot quite useful to display graphviz graph in a notebook but for some reason, on Binder, the option local=True must be used to make it work. You can check what works and what does not on binder.


Custom javascript does not in jupyter lab


I was surprised to see that the same code is working with a notebook server and not in Jupyter Lab. Here is the reason : Jupyter Lab extension to support JavaScript output which are disabled in JupyterLab, how to restore script tags in trusted HTML output. I did not find any easy to enable javascript back. A couple of direction: javascriptRendererExtension.ts, jupyter-renderers, vdom. Maybe, it will get easier.


Issue with raphael.js in a notebook.


I spent a couple of hours to understand why I could not use morris.js in a notebook which was recommended as one of the most simple javascript libraries to use. I ran into issues because it depends on raphael.js which also depends on evejs. I discovered that if I did not solve that issue myself, I was able to use raphael.js in a notebook without noticing it (see treant-js). You will find to do so in Javascript library in a notebook: treant.


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