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Installation of pyproj on debian


Everything is here: config.yml.


Install FTP server on debian


Server FTP, look into How to Configure VSFTPD FTPS with SSL/TLS on Ubuntu 18.04.


Install Python 3.7 and many packages on Linux Debian 9


Same steps four months later: Install Python 3.7 and many packages on Linux Debian 9.


Real time communication


I was looking into something to handle real time communication. I found this one: aiortc written in Python and still maintained.


Build protobuf and onnx for Windows


A good way to build it is to look into the file appveyor.yml. You should end up with something like this: build_protobuf.bat. onnx was a little bit more complex to build as the current build system is based on :epkg:`Miniconda` and there is still no version for Python 3.7. I had to start with the standard distribution which I did. The release is available as artifacts on appveyor/onnx. Instructions can be found in appveyor.yml.


Install Python 3.7 and many packages on Linux Debian 9


Below you can find the instruction to get many modules on Debian 9 on Python 3.7. The first packages are quite common but the last instructions are needed to build all the content for my teachings. It begins with:


opencv, cannot find DLL


I recently faced an issue with opencv-python and python 3.7: import cv2 returned the following error:


pyecharts + echarts


pyecharts is a wrapper around echarts, a library developped by Baidu. Most of the documentation is in Chinese so it handles every language. Check the gallery, it is quite impressive. One example about is graph shows relationships in Les Miserables. The Python wrapper used som technics such as modules to automatically converts python code into javascript: javascripthon. I recommend reading the associated paper ECharts: A declarative framework for rapid construction of web-based visualizatio which mentions many existing libraries and explain their technical choice like not using SVG to increase performance (so no depndency on d3.js).


Build pythonnet


Building pythonnet on CircleCI was quite interesting. You can check the outcome on sdpython/pythonnet and get artifacts at CircleCI/sdpython. The instructions are described in .circleci/config.yml.


Build onnx for Windows


onnx is not necessarily up to date on PyPI. To get the latest version, the simplest is to clone the project on github and set up a build like this one on appveyor. But before that, you need to mofiy file appveyor.yml and a section for artifacts:


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