class class parent truncated documentation
BlogPost   a blog post
CustomDBServer   defines a custom server which includes an access to a database, this database will contain de table to store the clicks …
CustomDBServerHandler   The server proposes a simple way to create one server on your own. It includes an access to a SQLlite3 database.
DatabaseRSS   database specific to RSS
HTMLScriptParser   defines a HTML parser. the purpose is to intercept section such as the following and to run it.
HTMLScriptParserRemove   defines a HTML parser. the purpose is to remove the HTML code and the header
HTMLtoJSONParser   parse HTML and output a JSON structure Example
RSSServer   defines a RSS server dedicated to one specific database. You can read the blog post RSS Reader. …
RSSSimpleHandler   You can read the blog post RSS Reader. defines a simple handler …
SimpleHandler   defines a simple handler used by HTTPServer Firefox works better for local files. This class provides the following …
ThreadServer   defines a thread which holds a web server
XMLHandlerDict   overload functions about XML, it produces objects at the end we assume the file contains a list of objects
XMLHandlerDictNode   defines a node containing a dictionary
XMLIterParser   to use a parser like an iterator example
XmlException   raised when something is wring about the parsing