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Videos of past presentations


Here are a couple of videos taken from the presentations I did or I was expected to do.

Devoxx 06/04/2017

An old one I made for DataLead 2015.

Unfortunately, I could not be at PyData Seattle 2017.


plotnine, mpl_scatter_density


I discovered two libraries based on matplotlib. The first one plotnine proposes a different way to create graphs. The second one adresses a typical issue for a statisticians which is plotting a density estimated with lots of points mpl-scatter-density.


lifelines plotting is failing


The unit test checking the notebook showing lifelines recently started to fail. This was caused by a matplotlib update. Check issue 191. The issue is fixed on github but the module has not been updated yet. It can be fixed by manually updating the file


Follow up on PyData in Paris


I added some notes taken from others presentations during the second day of PyData: From others presentations. This is my second PyData conferences and even if I missed on day this time (to prepare my slides), I’ve shared and learned.

I particularly enjoyed the talk about the work scikit-learn’s teams is doing to process issues and pull requests (see The Scikit-Learn Day 2016: for enthousiasts, contributors and startup founders!).

A couple of people insisted on the difficulty to hire people good in computer science, in computer and in science at the same time. I was wondering how I could talk about good practices in the software industry in my teachings in my teachings. Maybe I’ll start by reading and commenting of couple of issues and pull requests from scikit-learn during a lecture.

It turned out it was not so easy to find a page with the list of core developpers for scikit-learn. The best page is probably this one: contributors. While looking for it, I discovered another library for RandomForest: Boruta, implemented in Python by Daniel Homola. Some others links discovered during this search:


First day


First blog post. This module was create to handle support for some talks.


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