1. Create a setup from installed packages

  2. Create a virtual environment

  3. Installation from GitHub

  4. Prepare a standalone distribution

  5. Run a program using the command line

  6. Setup a machine

  7. install SciTE

Create a setup from installed packages

This packages pandas into a wheel from the installed sources. Location of the sources can be specified too.

from pymyinstall.setuphelper import create_folder_setup
create_folder_setup('pandas', fLOG=print, output_path='.')

(original entry : setup_creation.py:docstring of pymyinstall.setuphelper.setup_creation.create_folder_setup, line 10)

Create a virtual environment

The following example creates a virtual environment. Packages can be added by specifying the parameter package.

from pyquickhelper.pycode import create_virtual_env
fold = "my_env"
if not os.path.exists(fold):

(original entry : install_venv_helper.py:docstring of pymyinstall.installhelper.install_venv_helper.create_virtual_env, line 17)

Installation from GitHub

ModuleInstall("pyquickhelper", "github",

(original entry : module_install.py:docstring of pymyinstall.installhelper.module_install.ModuleInstall, line 3)

Prepare a standalone distribution

The function downloads everything. The installation of tools is still manual. Package installation is automated.

from pymyinstall import win_python_setup
from pymyinstall.packaged import ensae_fullset
list_modules = ensae_fullset()

This works only for Windows.

(original entry : win_setup_main.py:docstring of pymyinstall.win_installer.win_setup_main.win_python_setup, line 106)

Run a program using the command line

from pyquickhelper.loghelper import run_cmd
out,err = run_cmd( "python setup.py install", wait=True)

(original entry : run_cmd.py:docstring of pymyinstall.installhelper.run_cmd.run_cmd_private, line 31)

Setup a machine

The following code tries to download many tools and packages to prepare a machine for a datascientist on Windows:

from pymyinstall.startup import windows_startup
windows_startup(r"d:\datascientist", r"d:\temp\datascientist", fLOG=print)

(original entry : windows.py:docstring of pymyinstall.startup.windows.windows_startup, line 15)

install SciTE

The function downloads the latest version of SciTE. It also changes some settings for Python (no tabs, Courier New as a police).


(original entry : install_custom_scite.py:docstring of pymyinstall.installcustom.install_custom_scite.install_scite, line 10)