pymyinstall: easier installation of packages

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Installing packages on Windows is not necessarily easy when they contain C++ code. I usually use Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages for one package but it requires some tricks to start from scratch and install all the needed packages. That’s what this package is doing. The module helps installing modules in Windows and Linux. It installs two scripts. The first one installs modules:


The second one updates installed modules:


For a specific module:

pymy_update3 <module_name>

To install a preconfigured set of modules:

pymy_install3 --set=pyquickhelper

--help gives the usage.

It provides the following functionalities:

  • help installing module from GitHub, pip and setup

  • install other common tools or editors

  • provides a list of modules to install to use Python to manipulate data (IPython, pandas, scikit-learn…)

  • function to build a setup with Python, R and useful packages like WinPython

Source of the packages: