Source code for pyquickhelper.ipythonhelper.magic_class

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Magic command to handle files

from __future__ import print_function
import warnings
with warnings.catch_warnings():
    from IPython.core.magic import Magics, magics_class

[docs]@magics_class class MagicClassWithHelpers(Magics): """ Provides some functions reused in others classes inherited from *Magics*. The class should not be registered as it is but should be used as an ancestor for another class. It can be registered this way:: def register_file_magics(): from IPython import get_ipython ip = get_ipython() ip.register_magics(MagicFile) :githublink:`%|py|26` """ _parser_store = {} @property def Context(self): """ return the context or None :githublink:`%|py|34` """ if is None: return None return
[docs] def add_context(self, context): """ add context to the class, mostly for debug purpose :param context: dictionary :githublink:`%|py|44` """ if is None: class EmptyClass: def __init__(self): self.user_ns = {} = EmptyClass() for k, v in context.items():[k] = v
[docs] def get_parser(self, parser_class, name): """ Returns a parser for a magic command, initializes it if it does not exists, it creates it. The parsers are stored in static member *_parser_store*. :param parser_class: the parser to use for this magic command :param name: name of the static variable which will contain the parser See method :meth:`get_args <pyquickhelper.ipythonhelper.magic_class.MagicClassWithHelpers.get_args>` :githublink:`%|py|64` """ res = MagicClassWithHelpers._parser_store.get(name, None) if res is None: MagicClassWithHelpers._parser_store[name] = parser_class() return MagicClassWithHelpers._parser_store[name] else: return res
[docs] def get_args(self, line, parser, print_function=print): """ parser a command line with a given parser :param line: string (command line) :param parser: parser which has to be used to parse *line* :param print_function: function to use to display the help :return: results If the line cannot be parsed, the function displays the help using function print. Example:: @line_magic def custom_magic_command(self, line): parser = self.get_parser(MagicClass.custom_magic_command_parser, "custom_magic_command") args = self.get_args(line, parser) if args is not None: param = args.param # .... :githublink:`%|py|94` """ try: args = parser.parse_cmd(line, context=self.Context) except SystemExit: print_function(parser.format_usage()) args = None return args