pyquickhelper documentation

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What is it?

This module contains the automation process used by all the modules I write including my teachings. Magic commands, Jenkins jobs, notebook conversion into slides, scripts to build setups, documentation, unit tests.


notebooks (ipython):

unit tests:

automated documentation:



The module proposes two commands encrypt, decrypt, encrypt_file, decrypt_file:

usage: encrypt [-h] source dest password
usage: decrypt [-h] source dest password
usage: encrypt_file [-h] source dest password
usage: decrypt_file [-h] source dest password

Many functionalities about automated documentation assume the current processed documentation follows the same design as this module. Future enhancements are covered by Issues.


The module works for Python 3.4. Most of the functionalities were recently ported to Python 2.7 as well (not the same source code). Both versions are available on pipy.

pip install pyquickhelper

And to avoid installing the dependencies:

pip install pyquickhelper --no-deps

Others options are described at: Installation.