The module pyquickhelper is mostly used to automated the testing of all the materials I use for my teachings in French Python dans tous ses états or English such as this module. Everytime I create a new notebooks, it is being added in a specific place in the documentation _doc/notebooks, a unit test is created to test it every week and check it does not break with a module update, it is then converted into HTML, Slides and inserted into the documentation as a RST file.


The initial purpose of pyquickhelper was to automate most of the pipeline above. It is currenly automating all the red parts. The implementation introduced many functions and classes which can be used independently from this process. That’s what the tutorial is about. Next section introduces the main functionalities. A couple of them will be detailed later. pyquickhelper requires many tools to convert notebooks into many formats including PDF. The list is detailed at dependencies and tools.