Main FunctionalitiesΒΆ

notebooks (ipython):

unit tests:

automated documentation:

  • help generation including notebook conversion (see generate_help_sphinx)

  • simple server to server sphinx documentation (see run_doc_server)

  • function rst2html to convert RST into HTML

  • Sphinx directive BlogPostDirective to add a directive blogpost into the docutmention

  • Sphinx directive RunPythonDirective to generate documentation from a script

  • TodoExt for a richer todo directive

  • ShareNetDirective to add share buttons on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

  • MathDef defines mathdef directive, helps for documentation with mathematics



The module proposes two commands encrypt, decrypt, encrypt_file, decrypt_file:

usage: encrypt [-h] source dest password
usage: decrypt [-h] source dest password
usage: encrypt_file [-h] source dest password
usage: decrypt_file [-h] source dest password

Many functionalities about automated documentation assume the current processed documentation follows the same design as this module. Future enhancements are covered by Issues.