Source code for pyquickhelper.sphinxext.sphinx_doctree_builder

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a sphinx extension to output :epkg:`sphinx` doctree.

.. versionadded:: 1.8

import os
import textwrap
from os import path
from sphinx.util import logging
from import StringOutput
from import Builder
from sphinx.util.osutil import ensuredir
from docutils import nodes, writers
from sphinx.writers.text import MAXWIDTH, STDINDENT
from ._sphinx_common_builder import CommonSphinxWriterHelpers

[docs]class DocTreeTranslator(nodes.NodeVisitor, CommonSphinxWriterHelpers): """ Defines a translator for doctree :githublink:`%|py|23` """
[docs] def __init__(self, builder, document): if not hasattr(builder, 'config'): raise TypeError( "Unexpected type for builder {0}".format(type(builder))) nodes.NodeVisitor.__init__(self, document) self.builder = builder newlines = builder.config.text_newlines if newlines == 'windows': = '\r\n' elif newlines == 'native': = os.linesep else: = '\n' self.states = [[]] self.stateindent = [0] if self.builder.config.doctree_indent: self.indent = self.builder.config.doctree_indent else: self.indent = STDINDENT self.wrapper = textwrap.TextWrapper( width=STDINDENT, break_long_words=False, break_on_hyphens=False) self.dowrap = self.builder.config.doctree_wrap self.inline = self.builder.config.doctree_inline self._table = []
def log_unknown(self, type, node): logger = logging.getLogger("DocTreeBuilder") logger.warning( "[doctree] %s(%s) unsupported formatting" % (type, node)) def wrap(self, text, width=STDINDENT): self.wrapper.width = width return self.wrapper.wrap(text) def add_text(self, text, indent=-1): self.states[-1].append((indent, text)) def new_state(self, indent=STDINDENT): self.states.append([]) self.stateindent.append(indent) def end_state(self, wrap=False, end=None): content = self.states.pop() maxindent = sum(self.stateindent) indent = self.stateindent.pop() result = [] toformat = [] def do_format(): if not toformat: return if wrap: res = self.wrap(''.join(toformat), width=MAXWIDTH - maxindent) else: res = ''.join(toformat).splitlines() if end: res += end result.append((indent, res)) for itemindent, item in content: if itemindent == -1: toformat.append(item) else: do_format() result.append((indent + itemindent, item)) toformat = [] do_format() self.states[-1].extend(result) def visit_document(self, node): self.new_state(0) def depart_document(self, node): self.end_state() self.body = and (' ' * indent + line) for indent, lines in self.states[0] for line in lines) def visit_Text(self, node): text = node.astext() if self.inline: text = text.replace("\n", "\\n").replace( "\r", "").replace("\t", "\\t") self.add_text(text) def depart_Text(self, node): pass
[docs] def _format_obj(self, obj): if isinstance(obj, str): return "'{0}'".format(obj.replace("'", "\\'")) elif isinstance(obj, nodes.Node): return "<node={0}[...]>".format(obj.__class__.__name__) else: return str(obj)
[docs] def unknown_visit(self, node): self.new_state(0) self.add_text("<{0}".format(node.__class__.__name__)) if hasattr(node, 'attributes') and node.attributes: res = ['{0}={1}'.format(k, self._format_obj(v)) for k, v in sorted(node.attributes.items()) if v not in (None, [], '')] if res: if self.inline: self.add_text(" " + " ".join(res)) else: for kv in res: self.new_state() self.add_text("- " + kv) self.add_text( self.end_state() self.add_text(">") self.new_state()
[docs] def unknown_departure(self, node): self.end_state(wrap=self.dowrap) self.add_text("</{0}>".format(node.__class__.__name__)) self.end_state()
[docs]class DocTreeBuilder(Builder): """ Defines a doctree builder. :githublink:`%|py|151` """ name = 'doctree' format = 'doctree' file_suffix = '.doctree.txt' link_suffix = None default_translator_class = DocTreeTranslator
[docs] def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Constructor, add a logger. :githublink:`%|py|161` """ Builder.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs) self.logger = logging.getLogger("DocTreeBuilder")
[docs] def init(self): """ Load necessary templates and perform initialization. :githublink:`%|py|168` """ if self.config.doctree_file_suffix is not None: self.file_suffix = self.config.doctree_file_suffix if self.config.doctree_link_suffix is not None: self.link_suffix = self.config.doctree_link_suffix if self.link_suffix is None: self.link_suffix = self.file_suffix # Function to convert the docname to a reST file name. def file_transform(docname): return docname + self.file_suffix # Function to convert the docname to a relative URI. def link_transform(docname): return docname + self.link_suffix if self.config.doctree_file_transform is not None: self.file_transform = self.config.doctree_file_transform else: self.file_transform = file_transform if self.config.doctree_link_transform is not None: self.link_transform = self.config.doctree_link_transform else: self.link_transform = link_transform
[docs] def get_outdated_docs(self): """ Return an iterable of input files that are outdated. This method is taken from ``TextBuilder.get_outdated_docs()`` with minor changes to support ``(confval, doctree_file_transform))``. :githublink:`%|py|198` """ for docname in self.env.found_docs: if docname not in self.env.all_docs: yield docname continue sourcename = path.join(self.env.srcdir, docname + self.file_suffix) targetname = path.join(self.outdir, self.file_transform(docname)) try: targetmtime = path.getmtime(targetname) except Exception: targetmtime = 0 try: srcmtime = path.getmtime(sourcename) if srcmtime > targetmtime: yield docname except EnvironmentError: # source doesn't exist anymore pass
[docs] def get_target_uri(self, docname, typ=None): return self.link_transform(docname)
[docs] def prepare_writing(self, docnames): self.writer = DocTreeWriter(self)
[docs] def get_outfilename(self, pagename): """ Overwrites *get_target_uri* to control file names. :githublink:`%|py|228` """ return "{0}/{1}.doctree.txt".format(self.outdir, pagename).replace("\\", "/")
[docs] def write_doc(self, docname, doctree): destination = StringOutput(encoding='utf-8') self.current_docname = docname self.writer.write(doctree, destination) ctx = None self.handle_page(docname, ctx, event_arg=doctree)
def handle_page(self, pagename, addctx, templatename=None, outfilename=None, event_arg=None): if templatename is not None: raise NotImplementedError("templatename must be None.") outfilename = self.get_outfilename(pagename) ensuredir(path.dirname(outfilename)) with open(outfilename, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as f: f.write(self.writer.output)
[docs] def finish(self): pass
[docs]class DocTreeWriter(writers.Writer): """ Defines a doctree writer. :githublink:`%|py|254` """ supported = ('text',) settings_spec = ('No options here.', '', ()) settings_defaults = {} translator_class = DocTreeTranslator output = None
[docs] def __init__(self, builder): writers.Writer.__init__(self) self.builder = builder
[docs] def translate(self): visitor = self.builder.create_translator(self.builder, self.document) self.document.walkabout(visitor) self.output = visitor.body
[docs]def setup(app): """ Initializes the doctree builder. :githublink:`%|py|275` """ app.add_builder(DocTreeBuilder) app.add_config_value('doctree_file_suffix', ".doctree.txt", 'env') app.add_config_value('doctree_link_suffix', None, 'env') app.add_config_value('doctree_file_transform', None, 'env') app.add_config_value('doctree_link_transform', None, 'env') app.add_config_value('doctree_indent', STDINDENT, 'env') app.add_config_value('doctree_image_dest', None, 'env') app.add_config_value('doctree_wrap', False, 'env') app.add_config_value('doctree_inline', True, 'env')