cli: automation command lines

command line

pyquickhelper.cli.call_cli_function (f, args = None, parser = None, fLOG = <built-in function print>, skip_parameters = (‘fLOG’,), cleandoc = (‘epkg’, ‘link’), prog = None, options)

Calls a function f given parsed arguments.

pyquickhelper.cli.cli_main_helper (dfct, args, fLOG = <built-in function print>)

Implements the main commmand line for a module.


pyquickhelper.cli.create_cli_parser (f, prog = None, layout = ‘sphinx’, skip_parameters = (‘fLOG’,), cleandoc = (‘epkg’, ‘link’), positional = None, cls = None, options)

Automatically creates a parser based on a function, its signature with annotation and its documentation (assuming this documentation is written using Sphinx syntax).