function class parent truncated documentation
AUC   Compute the AUC.
AUC_multi   Compute the AUC.
AUC_multi_multi   Compute the AUC.
_complete_subset_streets   Extends a set of edges to have less extermities into the graph composed by the sets of edges.
_default_name   Returns a default username.
_delete_edge   Removes an edge from the graph.
_enumerate_close   Enumerates close streets from a starting point.
_euler_path   Computes an Eulerian path.
_explore_path   Explores an Eulerian path, remove used edges from edges_from.
_setup_hook   does nothing
add_missing_time   After aggregation, it usually happens that the series is sparse. This function adds rows for missing time.
added   Retrieves
anyzip   Any zip.
appariement   On veut apparier les événemens -1 aux événemens +1. On s’attend aux colonnes suivantes: “file”, “collect_date”, …
bellman_distances   Computes shortest distances between all vertices. It assumes edges are symmetric.
besancon_df   Retrieves
best_euler_path   Computes the final solution for the Eulerian path.
build_streets_vertices   Returns vertices and edges based on the subset of edges.
cached_property   A memoize decorator for class properties.
change_encoding   Changes the encoding of a text file and removes quotes. By default process is process_line().
change_encoding_improve   Changes the encoding of a text file, removes quotes. By default process is process_line() but the function …
check   Checks the library is working. It raises an exception.
clean_column_name_sql_dump   Removes quotes in a line which looks like:
clean_function_notebook   Cleans cells when unittesting notebooks.
compute_degrees   Compute the degree of vertices.
connect_streets   Tells if streets st1, st2 are connected.
convert_dates   Converts a string into a date.
decrypt_dataframe   Reads an encrypted dataframe.
df2rsthtml   Writes a table into RST or HTML format.
df_crossjoin   Makes a cross join (cartesian product) between two dataframes by using a constant temporary key. Also sets a MultiIndex …
dijkstra_path   Returns the best path between two vertices. Uses Dikjstra
distance   Calcule une distance pour un appariement conçu ici comme la variance de la vitesse de chaque déplacement + la somme …
distance_path   Calcule la vitesse moyenne lorsque le chemin est connu.
distance_solution   Checks if a solution is really a solution and returns the distance of it, None if it is not a solution. The function …
distance_vertices   Computes the length of edges if distances is None.
encrypt_file   Encrypts a file with a specific password.
enumerate_batch_features   Enumerates all batches saved in a folder.
enumerate_events   Construit la liste des événements (vélo réposé ou retiré).
enumerate_image_class   Lists all images in one folder assuming subfolders indicates the class of each image belongs to.
enumerate_json_items   Enumerates items from a JSON file or string.
enumerate_text_lines   Enumerates all lines from a text file and does some cleaning (see the list of parameters).
euler_path   Computes an Eulerian path.
execute_notebooks   Executes a list of notebooks.
extract_bing_result   Extract the first results from a search page assuming it comes from Bing Image.
extract_images_from_json_2017   Extracts fields from a JSON files such as images.
folder_split_train_test   Splits images from a folder into train and test. The function saves images into two separate folders.
folium_html_stations_map   Returns a folium map which shows stations in different colors.
folium_html_street_map   Returns a folium map which represents the streets.
get_additional_paths   Returns a list of paths to add before running the notebooks, paths to pyquickhelper, pyensae.
get_chicago_stations   Retrieves processed data from Divvy Data.
get_data   Récupère les données.
get_fields_description   Retrieves a dataframe which describes the meaning of the metadata.
get_max_delta   Returns the maximal value by which we can improve the dual solution by adjusting charges on alternating trees.
get_meaning   Retrieves data related to the meaning of a table.
get_password   Retrieves a password with keyring.
get_password   Retrieves a password assocatied to key. Relies on module keyring.
get_password_from_keyring_or_env   Gets the password from keyring first, then from the environment variables. …
get_seattle_streets   Retrieves processed data from Seattle Streets. …
haversine_distance   Computes Haversine formula.
histogram_image_size   Computes the distribution of images size.
image_zoom   Resizes an image (from PIL).
img2gray   Converts an image (PIL) to gray scale.
last_element   Returns the last element of sequence assuming they were generated by an iterator or a generator.
load_batch_features   Loads a batch file saved by stream_image2features().
ls_notebooks   Lists the notebooks in a particular subfolder.
main_codalab_wrapper_binary_classification   adapt the tempate available at
main_codalab_wrapper_multi_classification   adapt the tempate available at
matching_vertices   Finds the best match between vertices.
merge_schema   Merges schemas of various databases.
plot_gallery_random_images   Plots a gallery of images using matplotlib. Extracts a random sample from a folder which contains many images. …
plot_streets_network   Plots the network based on cartopy.
plot_streets_network_projection   Returns the default projection for plot_streets_network(). See projection. …
prepare_cresus_data   Prepares the data for the challenge.
private_codalab_wrapper_binary_classification   Wraps the function following the guidelines User_Building a Scoring Program for a Competition. …
private_codalab_wrapper_multi_classification   Wraps the function following the guidelines User_Building a Scoring Program for a Competition. …
process_cresus_sql   Processes the database sent by cresus and produces a list of flat files.
process_cresus_whole_process   Processes the database from Cresus until it splits the data into two two sets of files.
query_bing_image   Returns the search page from Bing Image for a specific query.
read_image   Reads an image.
resize_image   Resizes an image until one of its dimension becomes smaller than maxdim after dividing the dimensions by two many …
search_images_dogcat   Defines a REST application. It returns a list of neighbors among a small set of images representing dogs …
seattle_streets_set_level   Returns a graph of streets.
seattle_streets_set_level2   Returns a small graph of streets.
seattle_streets_set_level3   Returns a small graph of streets.
seattle_streets_set_small   Returns a small graph of streets.
set_password   Stores a password with keyring.
set_password   Stores a password assocatied to key. Relies on module keyring.
shapely_records   Uses pyshp to return shapes and records from shapefiles.
split_XY_bind_dataset_cresus_data   Splits XY for the blind set.
split_train_test_cresus_data   Splits the tables into two sets for tables (based on users).
stream_apply_image_transform   Applies a transform on every image in a folder, saves it in another one. It keeps the same subfolders.
stream_copy_images   Copies all images from src_folder to dest_folder if valid(name) is True.
stream_download_images   Downloads images based on their urls.
stream_image2features   Considers all images in a folder, transform them into features (function transform) and saves them with pickle
stream_random_sample   Extracts a random sample from a folder which contains many images. Relies on fonction enumerate_image_class(). …
vitesse   Calcule la vitesse d’un déplacement.