- WordConvEmbedding#

WordConvEmbedding - 1 (


This version of the operator has been available since version 1 of domain


The WordConvEmbedding takes in a batch of sequence words and embed each word to a vector.


  • char_embedding_size: Integer representing the embedding vector size for each char.If not provide, use the char embedding size of embedding vector. Default value is ?.

  • conv_window_size: This operator applies convolution to word from left to right with window equal to conv_window_size and stride to 1.Take word ‘example’ for example, with conv_window_size equal to 2, conv is applied to [ex],[xa], [am], [mp]…If not provide, use the first dimension of conv kernal shape. Default value is ?.

  • embedding_size: Integer representing the embedding vector size for each word.If not provide, use the fileter size of conv weight Default value is ?.


  • Sequence (heterogeneous) - T: Specify batchs of sequence words to embedding

  • W (heterogeneous) - T1: Specify weights of conv

  • B (heterogeneous) - T1: Specify bias of conv

  • C (heterogeneous) - T1: Specify embedding vector of char


  • Y (heterogeneous) - T1: output