1. Installation issue

  2. Magic command not found

Installation issue

If the installation fails because of a SyntaxError

Collecting pyensae
Using cached pyensae-1.1.302.tar.gz
Complete output from command python setup.py egg_info:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 20, in <module>
File "/private/var/folders/qv/something/T/pip-build-xxxx/pyensae/setup.py", line 98
    raise ImportError(message) from e
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

It probably means you are trying to install pyensae on Python 2.7 instead of using Python 3.

(original entry : __init__.py:docstring of pyensae.check, line 7)

Magic command not found

Magic commands are automatically added when importing the module:

import pyensae

This instruction does not raise any exception. To understand what went wrong, the following instruction must be run:

%load_ext pyensae

Usually, one necessary module is missing.

(original entry : magic_file.py:docstring of pyensae.filehelper.magic_file.MagicFile, line 3)