module filehelper.winzipfile

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module pyquickhelper.filehelper.winzipfile

Fix a bug: see

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Overwrite method Issue 6839 happens when …



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The comment text associated with the ZIP file.



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Returns file-like object for ‘name’.


Fix a bug: see

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class pyquickhelper.filehelper.winzipfile.WinZipFile(file, mode='r', compression=0, allowZip64=True, compresslevel=None, *, strict_timestamps=True)[source]

Bases: ZipFile

Overwrite method

Issue 6839 happens when a zip file is created on Windows. The created zip may contain full path with \ when the file list only contains /. This raises exception BadZipFile with the following message: File name in directory … and header … differ due to a mismatch between backslashes. This owerwrite method to fix the line which checks that names are consistent in the file list and in the compressed content.

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Open the ZIP file with mode read ‘r’, write ‘w’, exclusive create ‘x’, or append ‘a’.

open(name, mode='r', pwd=None, *, force_zip64=False)[source]

Returns file-like object for ‘name’.

  • name – is a string for the file name within the ZIP file, or a ZipInfo object.

  • mode – should be ‘r’ to read a file already in the ZIP file, or ‘w’ to write to a file newly added to the archive.

  • pwd – is the password to decrypt files (only used for reading).

When writing, if the file size is not known in advance but may exceed 2 GiB, pass force_zip64 to use the ZIP64 format, which can handle large files. If the size is known in advance, it is best to pass a ZipInfo instance for name, with zinfo.file_size set.

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