Source code for pymyinstall.packaged.packaged_config_A_teachings

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Defines a set of module for teaching purpose.

from ..installhelper.module_install import ModuleInstall

[docs]def teachings_set(): """ modules implemented for my teachings, it requires the modules in set *ml* :githublink:`%|py|12` """ mod = [ ModuleInstall( "jyquickhelper", "pip", purpose="Helpers for Jupyter notebooks.", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall( "pyquickhelper", "pip", purpose="helpers to generation documentation", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall( "tkinterquickhelper", "pip", purpose="windows on the top of tkinter", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall( "pymyinstall", "pip", purpose="easy installation of modules including Windows", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("pymmails", "pip", purpose="read/send emails", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall( "pyenbc", "pip", purpose="Helpers for remote work, clusters, hadoop", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall( "pyensae", "pip", purpose="helpers, Hadoop, SQL, financial times series, ...", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("pyrsslocal", "pip", purpose="RSS readers", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall( "code_beatrix", "pip", purpose="teaching programming to kids,", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall( "actuariat_python", "pip", purpose="teachings, insurance examples", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("ensae_teaching_cs", "pip", purpose="teachings, introduction to programming, machine learning, map/reduce", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("jupytalk", "pip", purpose="materials for presentations", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("mlstatpy", "pip", purpose="materials for machine learning", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("teachpyx", "pip", purpose="materials for teachings", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("ensae_projects", "pip", purpose="single use code", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("lightmlrestapi", "pip", purpose="lightmlrestapi implements a light machine learning REST API based on falcon.", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("lightmlboard", "pip", purpose="lightmlboard implements a light machine learning leaderboard based on tornado.", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("pandas_streaming", "pip", purpose="pandas_streaming aims at processing big files with pandas, too big to hold in memory," + "too small to be parallelized with a significant gain. The module replicates a subset of pandas " + "API and implements other functionalities for machine learning.", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("manydataapi", "pip", purpose="Helpers to access APIs", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("cpyquickhelper", "wheel", purpose="Experiments with C++ and Python", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("mlinsights", "wheel", purpose="mlinsights implements functions to get insights on machine learned models.", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("mlprodict", "wheel", purpose="mlprodict implements a couple of ways to productionize machine learning predictions.", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("wrapclib", "wheel", purpose="Wraps existing C libraries.", usage="TEACH"), ModuleInstall("csharpy", "wheel", purpose="Python + C# + C", usage="TEACH"), ] # return [_ for _ in mod if _ is not None]