Source code for pymyinstall.win_installer.win_ipython_helper

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Functions to prepare a setup on Windows

.. todoext::
    :title: enables js extension on jupyter
    :tag: enhancement

    Run something like::

        jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix widgetsnbextension

from __future__ import print_function
import sys
import os

from ..installhelper.install_cmd_helper import run_cmd, get_pip_program
from .win_exception import WinInstallException

if sys.version_info[0] == 2:
    FileNotFoundError = Exception

[docs]def ipython_create_profile(config_path, python_path, name="win_profile", fLOG=print): """ creates a ipython profile :param config_path: where to create it :param python_path: python path (to get ipython) :param profile: name :param fLOG: logging function :return: profile path :githublink:`%|py|34` """ if sys.platform.startswith("win"): ipython_path = os.path.join(python_path, "ipython.exe") if not os.path.exists(ipython_path): ipython_path = os.path.join( python_path, "Scripts", "ipython.exe") if not os.path.exists(ipython_path): raise FileNotFoundError(ipython_path) else: ipython_path = os.path.join( python_path, "ipython") cmd = " profile create {1} --ipython-dir={0}".format(config_path, name) cmd = ipython_path + cmd out, err = run_cmd(cmd, wait=True, fLOG=fLOG, change_path=python_path) profile = os.path.join( config_path, "profile_" + name, "") if not os.path.exists(profile): raise WinInstallException( "missing file, unable to execute:\nFILE:\n{3}\nCMD:\n{0}\nOUT:\n{1}\nERR-6:\n{2}".format(cmd, out, err, profile)) return os.path.dirname(profile)
[docs]def ipython_update_profile(profile_path): """ update the profile with custom settings (file filters) :param profile_path: path to profile :githublink:`%|py|62` """ profile = os.path.join(profile_path, "") with open(profile, "r") as f: content = add = """ c.ContentsManager.hide_globs = ['__pycache__', '*.pyc', '*.pyo', '.DS_Store', '*.so', '*.dylib', '*~', ".ipynb_checkpoints", ".kernel-*.json", ".kernel", ".RData", ".RHistory"] c.FileContentsManager.hide_globs = ['__pycache__', '*.pyc', '*.pyo', '.DS_Store', '*.so', '*.dylib', '*~', ".ipynb_checkpoints", ".kernel-*.json", ".kernel", ".RData", ".RHistory"] """.split("\n") content += "\n".join(_.strip() for _ in add) with open(profile, "w") as f: f.write("\n" + content + "\n")
[docs]def install_jupyter_extension(python_path): """ install jupyter extension :param python_path: python path :return: out, err :githublink:`%|py|83` """ if sys.platform.startswith("win"): pip = os.path.join(python_path, "Scripts", "pip.exe") if not os.path.exists(pip): pip = get_pip_program(exe=python_path) else: pip = get_pip_program(exe=python_path) cmd = "{0} install --user".format( pip) out, err = run_cmd(cmd) if err: raise WinInstallException( "unable to install jupyter extension\nOUT:{0}\nERR-7{1}".format(out, err)) return out, err