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__init__ module mlprodict Ways to speed up predictions for a machine learned model. source on GitHub
__init__ module Shortcuts to cc. source on GitHub
__init__ module mlprodict.grammar Shortcuts to grammar. source on GitHub
__init__ module mlprodict.grammar_sklearn Shortcuts to grammar_sklearn. source on GitHub
__init__ module mlprodict.testing Shortcut to testing. source on GitHub
api_extension module mlprodict.grammar.api_extension Implements decorators to extend the API. source on GitHub
c_compilation module Helpers to compile C. source on GitHub
exc module mlprodict.grammar.exc Exception definition. source on GitHub
g_sklearn_identify module mlprodict.grammar_sklearn.g_sklearn_identify Helpers to identify an interpreter. source on GitHub
g_sklearn_linear_model module mlprodict.grammar_sklearn.g_sklearn_linear_model List of interpreted from scikit-learn model. source on GitHub
g_sklearn_main module mlprodict.grammar_sklearn.g_sklearn_main Main functions to convert machine learned model from scikit-learn model. source on GitHub
g_sklearn_preprocessing module mlprodict.grammar_sklearn.g_sklearn_preprocessing Converters from scikit-learn model. source on GitHub
g_sklearn_tree module mlprodict.grammar_sklearn.g_sklearn_tree List of converters from scikit-learn model. source on GitHub
g_sklearn_type_helpers module mlprodict.grammar_sklearn.g_sklearn_type_helpers Tiny helpers for scikit-learn exporters. source on GitHub
gactions module mlprodict.grammar.gactions Action definition. source on GitHub
gactions_num module mlprodict.grammar.gactions_num Action definition. source on GitHub
gactions_tensor module mlprodict.grammar.gactions_tensor Action definition. source on GitHub
gmlactions module mlprodict.grammar.gmlactions Actions definition. source on GitHub
gtypes module mlprodict.grammar.gtypes Types definition. source on GitHub
model_verification module mlprodict.testing.model_verification Complex but recurring testing functions. source on GitHub